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So, if you have click on about us it means you are either the curious type or happen to be lost. In any case, you will know us better.

Scopic is a shopping site that we started in 2018. We are not a big corporation and we don’t have any gigantic funding source. We are a small business started by a bunch of friends. We were just the bachelor who graduated with big ideas. We funded whole thing from our savings.

Our goal is to provide high quality printed materials at affordable prices for common man. After all, ecommerce is not all about big brands. We value the hard-earned money that you spends to buy more valuable products. We assure to provide you the best out of the box.

Why Scopic?

Scopic means To be accurate, precise & exact in action by viewing or making observations. Yes, we make certain decision based on our observation whether its life making decision or shopping, right? That’s where the scopic fill up the gap. We work our best to provide the more valuable products for what you have paid.

Scopic Team

We are a small team from entirely different origin but with a promise to deliver you best. We research and list out the amazing products by supporting vocal for local. We deals with only Indian Business, Unity is our strength. We deliver up to 26000+ locations in India.

Need to talk to us? Mail us on contact@scopic.me or call on 844 864 8838 (Monday – Friday, 11am to 6pm)

Jai Hind

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