Scopic 6.0 in factory

We generously thanks to each seller for being part of Scopic. Since, the Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to work with limited capacities and it will be hard for our team to interact with each seller physically. We are changing our main procedure to add sellers. The changes we are introducing after 15th Sep, 2020 are as follows

  • Scopic Seller Dashboard – We are temporarily closing the Scopic Seller Dashboard on the website and introducing new Scopic Seller Dashboard in Scopic Shopping App 6.0. Now, seller can manage their store through the app itself. We highly recommend to switch to Scopic Shopping App. We might reopen the Scopic Seller Dashboard on website after the pandemic.
  • Marketplace Commission – As in pandemic every single business has been highly impacted. Not only physically but economically there is drastic decline. We have decided to lower down the commission for each product to single fixed commission i.e 5%. Whatever your product fall in any category, you have to pay only 5%. Pay less, Sell more.
  • Vocal For Local – We have always supported the local business. We are in high support for the India’s local business. We are going to target more to Indian Sellers and help them to grow their business. We will promote all the featured local sellers through Social Platform, Ads and much more.
  • Zero Delivery Charges – We are introducing Zero Delivery Charges means as an seller you don’t have to pay for the delivery. Save your delivery cost with Scopic which we believe its going to support your business more.
  • One App For All – We are working harder to put all the feature on same app whether its customer or seller. One app is always better. Share the same app with your customer. No need to keep dual apps like other marketplace.

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