The Exciting New Elementor Update – 3.13.0

Scopic HUB Team May 23, 2023 0 comments

Elementor, the leading WordPress page builder, has just rolled out an incredible update packed with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Let’s dive into the changelog and explore the latest additions that will revolutionize your web design and streamline your workflow.

Boosting Productivity with Elementor AI Write

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of Elementor AI Write. This powerful tool enhances your productivity and efficiency while elevating your website’s design and content. With Elementor AI Write, you’ll experience a significant boost in your creative process, making it easier than ever to build captivating websites.

Unlock Infinite Design Possibilities with CSS Grid Layout

Elementor now supports CSS Grid layout in the Container widget, offering you endless design possibilities. This feature is perfect for creating grid-like layouts, whether you’re building portfolios, galleries, or any other design element that requires a structured grid layout. Achieve stunning designs effortlessly and unleash your creativity.

Improved Color Picker and Enhanced Functionality

The color picker in Elementor has received notable enhancements. With the latest update, you can now utilize RGBA and HSLA types in the color picker, allowing for greater control over color customization. This improvement empowers you to fine-tune colors precisely to match your desired design aesthetic.

Enhanced User Experience and Accessibility

Elementor has made several tweaks to improve the user experience and accessibility throughout the plugin. The behavior of items has been refined when the width of all tab titles exceeds the parent container’s width, ensuring a smoother user experience. The Favorites section has also been adjusted to enhance usability.

Additionally, Elementor has introduced quick site navigation within the editor’s new Top Bar, making it more convenient to move around your website while designing. The Save Options functionality has been added to the Editor Top Bar, allowing for seamless and efficient saving of your progress.

Unleashing Keyboard Accessibility

Accessibility is a crucial aspect of web design, and Elementor has taken great strides to enhance keyboard accessibility within the plugin. Now, you can navigate the Elementor Editor using keyboard shortcuts, making it easier to create and edit your designs. Keyboard accessibility has been extended to various editor components, including tabs, icons, widget categories, and more. This ensures that users who rely on keyboard navigation can seamlessly navigate and interact with the plugin.

Streamlined Library Updates and Improved Performance

Elementor has made several updates to its libraries to enhance performance and functionality. The Pickr library has been updated to version 1.8.0, ensuring a smooth color picking experience. Additionally, the eicons library has been updated to version 5.20.0, expanding the icon options available within Elementor.

Lazy Load Support and Enhanced Lightbox Functionality

Elementor has introduced Lazy Load support to various elements within the Editor and Admin areas. This improvement optimizes the loading of images and embedded videos, resulting in faster page loading times and improved performance. The Lightbox functionality has also been enhanced for improved accessibility, allowing users to enjoy a seamless and inclusive browsing experience.

Bug Fixes for a Flawless Design Experience

The update addresses several bug fixes to ensure a flawless design experience. Issues such as pasting widgets into the ‘Drag widget here’ area when using the Container widget have been resolved. The redundant scroll in the Finder has been removed, and Carousel widgets now work correctly inside Nested Tabs. Alignment of Lightbox image captions has been corrected, and border radius now properly affects Video and Slideshow background types in the Container widget.

Furthermore, the update includes fixes for translation strings, aspect-ratio fallback in the Video widget, the ‘Dominant Color’ option in Lazy Load Background Images, and ARIA text values in the Progress Bar widget.

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